Submission Guidelines

Submissions are not longer possible.

However, from the end of July 2019 you can submit films for the Indian Filmfestival 2020 here.

Submission Criteria

1. We feature motion pictures, short films, documentaries or animated movies. Your film should belong to one of those categories.

2. It should have been produced in India or refer to India in some other aspect.

3. It has to be available as DCP, HD-File or Blu-Ray Disc.

4. It should not have been screened commercially before July the 21st, 2019.

5. It has to be available in the original language with German or English subtitles.

6. It may not be older than May the 1st, 2018.

Selection / Nomination

All submitted films will be sighted and evaluated by an internal selection panel. This panel will select the movies that will be screened at the festival.

In a second step the internal selection panel nominates the movies which will participate in the contest and due to that will be shown to the respective adjudicating panel.

Every submitted film will get a response until the end of May 2019 if it will be screened at the festival and if it will compete in the contest.